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About WENRICH Companies




The chosen subcontractor and the preferred employer. 



Be the chosen commercial fencing and interior demolition contractor offering a cooperative partnership with our customers with the focus on minimizing difficulties in the project process while simultaneously providing employment, leadership and management roles for marginalized persons of our community, and offering second chances by hiring staff and crew often overlooked and allowing them the opportunity to perform at their highest levels moving forward. 

WENRICH PROPERTY & DEVELOPMENT, LLC. was originally established in 2006 for residential acquisition and holding for residential rental of single family and duplex family homes. In 2020, WENRICH PROPERTY & DEVELOPMENT, LLC. has sold its residential holdings and is now focused on acquiring commercial real estate for development and expanding the residential construction offering for fencing to homeowners as a compliment to its sister company, WENRICH PD CONSTRUCTION, LLC. 

WENRICH PD CONSTRUCTION, LLC. is a sister company actively performing commercial vertical and horizontal construction. Company bid submission and contract awards are currently focused on targeted product lines as a certified woman-owned, minority-owned, and small disadvantaged business and signatory to the union. 

As of June 30, 2020, WENRICH has now updated its guidelines in the event of COVID-19.
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